Tiffen 72HTND12 72MM Digital HT ND 1.2 Titanium Filter

Tiffen 72HTND12 72MM Digital HT ND 1.2 Titanium Filter

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   About this item:

  • Matte Black anti-reflecting inner ring.
  • provides control over depth of field and exposure.
  • High light transmission charachteristics
  • Light weight metal mount

Product description

Absorbing 4 stops of light this filter helps Provide a balanced exposures and better depth-of-field control. High-Trans Titanium Filters have very high transmissive properties utilizing multicoatings and a Titanium oxide component. These filters are mounted in a light weight metal ring with a matte black anti reflective inner ring and a Titanium finnish outer ring to identify the titanium oxide componenet in the filter. The new coatings for this filter increases hardness and reduces the suceptibility to smearing.