Tiffen 52BPM2 52mm Black Pro-Mist 2 Filter

Tiffen 52BPM2 52mm Black Pro-Mist 2 Filter

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   About this item:

  • The Package Length of the Product is 10.2 centimeters
  • The Package Width of the Product is 8.8 centimeters
  • The Package Height of the Product is 2.2 centimeters
  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

Product description

The Black Pro-Mist offers all the benefits of the Pro-Mist filter in a more subtle form. With this filter, highlight flares are controlled, contrast is lowered, but with less lightening of shadows for a more delicate effect and it also creates a soft light "pastel" effect. This is a very delicate effect with contained highlight flare. This Hollywood/FX filters was originally designed for the TV and Motion Picture industry, but are now available to all photographers and videographers.